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CMR Cloud

Service with a web interface for managing rigs and CMR Miner
CMR Cloud CMR Cloud CMR Cloud


Full control over CMR Miner
CMR Cloud gives you full control over your rigs and in particular CMR Miner. You get access to all the CMR Miner functionality via the CMR Cloud web interface.
CMR Cloud gives you ability to reboot the CMR Miner or even the entire rig in manual mode if necessary.
Bulk actions
Using CMR Cloud, you can perform such mass actions as changing settings or choosing a coin for mining, for all or just for the selected rigs.
To see an example click here.
CMR Cloud generates statistics in real time. On the statistics page, you can find the total number of rigs, the total aggregate income from all coins that you mine, as well as the detailed information about each coin you are mining.
You can see the statistics page by clicking here.
Search & Filter
CMR Cloud provides tools for fast search, filtering and sorting of rigs.
You can search for rigs by name, filter by their status (mining, idle), connection (online, offline), and also sort by name.
Saving time
Using CMR Cloud, you save your time and money by doing routine actions in a couple of clicks.
CMR Miner and CMR Cloud make the mining process as automated as possible, taking the action yourself if there are errors or other problems, thus you have free time for other things.
We are happy to help all CMR Cloud users in any situation related to the use of our software or services.
Help is provided by E-mail, Support Chat, Skype, TeamViewer, Telegram.


One-time payment
Max rigs 2
One-time payment
Max rigs 10
One-time payment
Max rigs 200
One-time payment
Max rigs 1000